Missing Durga Puja Food? Don’t, As You Can Order Your Favourite Stall Food From These 5 Places In CR Park!

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The festive season is ongoing and wouldn’t it had been this great pandemic worldwide, from tomorrow onwards everyone should have been visiting the pandals nearby their home to enjoy the Durga puja and to have the spiciest food from the stalls. But worry not, you can still enjoy the same taste as you have in the pandals by these 5 best places in CR park!


1. My Spice Kitchen

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Apart from North Indian and Mughlai, these people also serve authentic Bengali food. Try their Kosha Mangsho and Hilsa Machhi and you’ll become a fan of this place.

Price For Two | Rs. 600 (approx.)


2. Aami Bangali

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From its branches in Kolkata and Bengaluru, this place also serves in Delhi with their Bengali food served in their authentic way. Try their Aami Bengali Chef Special to try everything good they serve!

Price For Two | Rs. 750 (approx.)


3. Maa Taara

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Want to taste the authentic mutton kosha, aloo postu and fish kurkure in the same Kolkata style, then this place in CR park is just for you. Try their Maa Tara Special thaali which has small portions of everything that they serve best!

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)


4. Dadu Cutlet Shop

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One of the cheapest shop to have Bengali delicacies in CR Park. Choose from a variety of fish cutlets, rolls, chops out there and if you want to taste something unique, go for mutton cutlet and Egg Devil Chop!

Price For Two | Rs. 150 (approx.)


5. Madly Bangalee

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This place has a kind of menu specifically curated for the Bongs out there, as their name suggests. This place has a dine-in option which is generally visited by students and the residential to have some authentic Bengali cuisine.

Price For Two | Rs. 650 (approx.)


Bottom Line

These 5 eateries will surely never let you down in reminding those spicy stall-foods!


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