Mehrauli’s Newest Restaurant Will Soon Become Your Favourite Place!

Mehrauli’s Newest Restaurant Will Soon Become Your Favourite Place!

Where | The Grammar Room, One Style Mile, Mehrauli

Timings | 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Price for two | Rs 1900 (Approx)

Amongst your list of Mehrauli’s umpteen number of cafes and cutesy hangout places add one more name- The Grammar Room.

This new kid on the block is absolutely perf for your catching up sesh with your bestie with a cozy ambiance, and absolutely delish food (that is healthy AF!)

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Their menu includes scrumptious delights from healthy Avocado Spreads, Fresh Fruits Bowls, No Leaf Salad to Katsu Chicken Sandwich, and Fried Rice.

This place is sure to become every foodie’s paradise.

Plus for beverages, they have healthy options like Fresh Orange Juice, Carrot Juice, and Chocolate Shake.

As for the coffee lovers in town, this place has a special Coffee Estates menu, which features an array of choice coffees sourced from various estates in Tamil Nadu.

Sangria and wine lovers too are in for a treat here, because they’ve got on offer Citrus & Mint Sangrias plus something called the Raspberry Sorbet.

Next time you guys planning a brunch with your gang, this is definitely your place!

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