A Vegetarian Grill Buffet With Limitless Options! Check It Out

If you’re a vegetarian, a BBQ grill buffet might look like a waste of money because there won’t be many options anyway. But what if we tell you we have a fix for that! You will be able to enjoy those charred tikkas and the true essence of a grill menu at The Masala Grill and the number of options will amaze you!  Read on.

What To Expect At The Masala Grill?

Image grilled perfection taken off the skewers and served hot right to your plate. Sounds tempting, isn’t it! Those charred lines, the flavours infused into the veggies. This vegetarian grill buffet is bound to leave you asking for more! From the sizzling hot grill, you can savor many dishes that will keep coming out until you are tired and move on the main course.

What You’ll Love About The Masala Grill.

The best part about this grill buffet is, of course, the limitless options of grilled starters. But if you have the courage to move past these amazing starters, there is a whole range of the main course that is not just from one cuisine, but three different cuisines. Indian, Chinese and Italian! You read that right!

Bottom Line

Grab your fat pants, and head to this amazing buffet this weekend to test your eating limit! We bet its lesser than you thought it was.

Where | 13-14, Second Floor, Community Center, Opp Satvati College, Ashok Vihar II, Phase 2, Ashok Vihar, Delhi, 110052

Location | Click Here 

Cost | INR 550 plus taxes

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