10 Makeup Trends That Have Finally Entered The Delhi Market This Season!

Makeup Trends

We girls have been obsessed with makeup since a very long time and it is evident through our childhood memories where we used to put lip glosses on all our favourite dolls. There is no doubt that this obsession never ends! Who doesn’t love doing makeup and trying out the different makeup products as they come into the market? I think everybody does, and that is why we have complied a list of top 10 makeup trends of 2017 that are just perfect and will leave no stones unturned in getting you all dolled up for this season! Have a look.

30 Second Window:

  • This listing compiles the makeup trends for 2017 that are being followed by the famous actresses of the Bollywood industry. We gotta say that they are slayin’ with this look y’all!
  • All the trends listed below are for 2017 and none of these will cause you any strain because they all are super easy to do.
Burgundy Mascara

We all have been seeing blue lashes flutter since years now, but guess what? Now the burgundy mascaras are trending around in the city to give you a new bold look! Let’s move on from the mainstream black and blue mascaras and get our hands on the burgundy mascaras, what say?

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Glitter Liners

The black winged liner is too mainstream now. Glitter liners are here to give your winged liner a little edge this season! Pop your liner look with different glitter shades available at various makeup stores and flaunt your sparkling eyes!

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Glitter Lips

If you are happy with your glitter liner, you might as well want to try out something trendy that goes along with it. A number of artists including the Indian artists were seen wearing full glitter lips at MET gala this year and since then we all have been dying to try this particular trick out. You can find glitter for lips at any nearby makeup store which you can apply on top of your gloss and you are then ready to slay!

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Ombre Lips

Before we forget, let us tell you about this ombre lip trend of 2017 that almost each and every makeup lover is now following! You want proof? Open the Instagram profile of your favourite celebrity or fashion blogger, and then see for yourself. Girls have been going mad after the ombre lip trend which is super easy and you don’t even need to buy anything new if you already have a dark and a light shade of the same colour with you at home. Draw out your lips with the darker shade and keep the lighter shade inside, merge them in a little and see the tremendous outcome.

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Metallic Lips

Yes girls, you heard it right. It is not just matte lips that are in trend nowadays, but also metallic lips. Metallic lip shades make a strong statement and are ideal for a night out at a club or a classy restaurant in the evening. Rock the day with your metallic lips. Thank god they are back.

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Metal Lids

Now that metallic lips are back, why should metallic eyeshadows stay in the dark? We are seeing several runaway models pulling off the metal lids look flawlessly with the help of a range of new products that are being launched by various companies in order to contribute to this metal trend to 2017. Now that everybody is killing it with this elegant look, why should you be the only one left out?

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Strobing and Highlighting

Let’s just face it, we all have been hearing the concept of highlighting since a long time but the strobing technique isn’t as old as that. If you wanna keep up with the trend, you have to have the new rainbow highlighters and the baking powders for face that give a push to the high points of your face and give you a fresh look with a touch of glow that looks so natural!

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Straight Brows

How many times will you keep on doing the same perfectly arched Instagram brow? Well, if you are bored and you are among those who like to experiment, 2017 has got the best news for you! You don’t need to freak out about trying to get the perfect eyebrow arch at a matching level. Instead, go crazy this summer and try the new straight brow look which is one of the all time favourite look of Sonam Kapoor.

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Totally Monochromatic

The trend being followed by a huge mass of fashion mongers is this particular look where all you have to do is match the shade of your blush, eyeshadow and lipsĀ and then see the difference. The same shade ties everything together and gives you a fresh and pretty look. It’s been said that once you try out this trend, you will get obsessed with it, so you better watch out for this one girls.

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Freckle Up

We saved the best one for the last. Freckle up basically refers to the usage of a good bronzer or eyeshadow to create fake freckles on your nose and near the area of cheeks. If you go too heavy, you might end up looking a little horrendous, but with the right amount of bronzer dots, you are ready to own the world!

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  • That you try out all these makeup trends and give a little life to your everyday makeup routine girls! Keep on experimenting and keep on surprising everybody else with your everyday new look.

So, don’t you think these statement make up products are awesome?

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