Make Your Summers Bearable With These Best Cold Coffee Places In Town!

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It’s just April and we how mad the weather has been. Apart from all the shakes and nice mocktails, cold coffee is a classic that can never disappoint you. Here’s the list of places you can check out and treat yourself with the best cold coffee, wallah!

1. McDonalds

Find list of Mcdonalds in Naharpur Kasan - Restaurant-mc Donalds Delhi -  Justdial

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I have recently fallen in love with how mcdonald’s cold coffee is. Y’all have to try it, it is nothing but pure bliss and you just can’t let this one go without trying!

Where | Multiple outlets

2. Depaul’s

This Iconic Coffee Shop In Delhi Has Been Serving Yummy Flavoured Coffee  For Decades

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How can we miss out on this one? Is there anytime when you visit Janpath and not have this? Oh, this small shop in CP serves the best cold coffee in so many flavours and momos, what a perfect combo!

Where | Janpath

3. Keventers

Keventers - a classic reinvented - ChompSlurrpBurp - Easy recipes, travel  itineraries and more!

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Keventers has been a long standing coffee house and serves the best milkshakes as well! So check this one out, y’all will love it!

Where | Multiple outlets

4. Starbucks

Best cold brew coffee in Delhi - 7 Places for cold coffee in Delhi

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Starbucks is slightly on the expensive side but serves great cold coffee. The long running queues gives the best idea about how good the coffee is.

Where | Multiple outlets

5. Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl Coffee: Cold Brewed Coffee And More | LBB, Delhi

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Vietnamese cold coffee by this brand is the sleepy owl’s best and hottest seller! This is made with yummy and thick condensed milk and definitely worth a try, y’all!

Where | Order online


Bottom line

Let’s get the day started with a nice cup of cold coffee!

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