An Update For All Maggi and Pranantha Lovers! Guess What It Is? Also This Outlet Serves You Till 3:45 A.M. In Clock!

Midnight Maggi DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

No matter what your age is, may it be 5 or 55, maggi is that snack which is loved by almost everyone! And stuffed parantha is that delectable breakfast meal that we all have had by our moms since our childhood! But this outlet in Delhi gets them both together in a surprisingly and utterly delectable way. And and if hunger strikes in your tummy late at night, then this outlet will easily erase your hunger as it serves you even at that time.

Midnight Maggi Parantha

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What To Expect?

Huge variety of tasteful buttery and crispy paranthas wait for you here. If you are someone who is in love with desi-Indian food, then this outlet can be a must visit place for you especially late at night. Also, when in a mood to have fun during mid-night with your friends, then you can surely head to this outlet, as it not only gets you flavorous food but also a fun-factor of 2 A.M. drive.

Midnight Maggi Parantha

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What You’ll Love?

This Outlet Makes Exclusive Maggi Parantha For You! If experimenting with your taste-buds is something you like to do, then you should definitely try this fusion mix awesome creation soon. We are sure that most of you will like it. Fell the crunch and munch of crust along with softness of spicy maggi as you have the very first bite. Visit this outlet soon and give a try to this distinct delicious creation soon with your friends and family. You may also order from here using swiggy or zomato in case you live nearby.

Midnight Maggi Parantha

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Bottom Line

Whenever dealing with after 12 hours hunger or whenever in a mood to taste something totally unique, make sure you visit here. This little-outlet has 2 USP’s, the delectable maggi parantha and midnight fresh food facility.

Where | No. 1 Uncles Parantha, F 8, South Extension 1, New Delhi

Location | Here

Price For Two | ₹200

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