Savor These Delish NUGGETS IN A CONE At This Cafe In Hudson

Know It All In 30 Seconds

“Be innovative and creative and the world will follow”, this place is quintessential of this statement as it serves the scrumptious love cones and precisely the mouth-watering nuggets in a cone. Amah-zing right? Read on!

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What To Expect?

This place in Hudson Lane is the first and the forever love of the every food lover out there and the luscious nuggets in a cone is defo’ a must try for all as it is loaded with a lot cheese that augments the taste and flavor of the nuggets.  Drooling already?

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What You’ll Love?

The one thing that tempts all the bhukhads to this eatery is the ultimate crunchy way in which the nuggets are served here. Yes, the crispy cone acts as a cherry on the cake to the amah-zing taste of the nuggets.

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Bottom Line

Peeps the wait is over as these nuggets are all ready to satiate your hunger pangs!

Where | Hudson Lane, Delhi

Price for Two | ₹400

Location | Here

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