Love On Rent: 26 Yr Old Gurgaon Man Offers ‘Boyfriend On Rent’ Services On V-Day!

Where | Gurgaon

The month of love can be really intriguing sometimes. In fact, social media has gone abuzz with heart-shaped pizzas, to die for deals & everything people would otherwise contemplate! But, did you know you could rent yourself a boyfriend for 24 hours?

Well, a 26-year-old man recently posted a status on social media offering packages for a rental boyfriend! And people are going crazy about it! In fact, if you too are someone who’s looking for love, even if it’s not #truelove, this is your chance to get a boyfriend.

The packages the man offers range from holding hands to ones that will allow you to kiss and hug him!

Now, we don’t know whether that’s genius or what but people sure are going bonkers about it!

Read more about this here.

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