Love Lemon Chicken? This Foodspot Will Definitely Help You Taste The Best Of Delhi!

mangu chicken corner

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Saddi Dilli is full of hidden gems. No matter where you go in Delhi, you will found a place or a shop in the nook which serves their finest recipe which you’ll not find in the whole of Delhi, and like that only, Mangu Chicken Corner is like the same one of the hidden gem of Delhi placed in Rohini.

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What To Expect

You can find everything that your hardcore non-vegetarian tummy asks for with the best taste. No matter if you’re a chicken lover or mutton, you’ll get it served all at this place.

mangu chicken corner

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What You’ll Love

The place is famous for its spicy Keema Mutton and Lemon Chicken which just tastes like heaven. Their creamier texture and not so thick gravy makes it good to go with Dhaniya Roti.


Bottom Line

Get ready to be a fan of this place!


Where | Rohini

Price For Two | Rs. 500 (approx.)

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