Gather Friends, Lose Weight & All Of You Win A Fully Paid Vacation!

Trying to lose weight? Is that your new year resolution too? We say you must not wait for the new year to become a better version of yourself. If you’re anything like us, you too spend way too many hours sitting in front of a screen and have no motivation to workout. But there’s always a fix to these things.

HDFC bank has started an innovative community engagement that ensures you’re fit. Gather a group of 10 friends, and lose weight together. If you manage to reach a goal, then you will win a fully sponsored vacation with your squad!

What To Expect? 

The steps to follow are pretty simple

  • Form a group of 10 friends
  • Get weighed together and get the team weight
  • Motivate each other, workout, diet and get fit together for 30 days
  • Get weighed together again after 30 days
  • If your team loses the maximum weight in Gurgaon, then your team wins a free 3 days 2 nights vacation!

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What You’ll Love?

If you think a vacation and 9 other friends are not motivation enough, hear us out. There are penalties for not losing weight! That’s right. And even if you don’t win a vacation, you’re sure to win many other things like fitness accessories, show tickets, memberships and much more!

Bottom Line 

If you want to get fit and you’re looking for an inspiration, this is as good as it gets!

Registration | SMS ‘FIT’ on 9053631002

Last Day For Registration | 19 December

Facebook | Click Here

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