Live Screening + MAD Deals = Best IPL Season Ever At Informal In CP

Where | Informal Pub & Bar, 52, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath

Price For Two | INR 1,200

For Bookings | Call 09999123201 (Karan Kumar)

Facebook Page |

Instagram Page |

Summer, winter season? NAH! It’s the IPL season that is always a cray affair! And the all the deals around town must be confusing you. So, we thought of telling you about this one in particular and it’s absolutely MAD!!

Informal in CP is offering two really amazing deals that we cannot get over easily. Good food [check!], deals on drinks [check], what else do ya need?

How about this –

So, the chill peeps at Informal are hosting over 8 celebrated artists, bands & DJs between 7th to 8th April. Which means,  every time you cheer your team, the music just keeps amping up the energy.

The entire affair will be like watching the matches live in the stadium, only the fun and the energy will be amped up to MAX!

Moreover, if you find yourself in a sullen mood, worry not! The 30% off on all drinks ought to cheer you up and not to forget, your entire gang will never get enough of this as the deal will be on for both days.

So, are you guy going?

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