This Insanely Popular Saket Joint Offers Lebanese Meals We’re Itching To Try

Little Zizo in Saket

Lebanese food is a rainbow of culinary delights. Whether you like Doner rolls, grills or Yemini Mandi; Little Zizo in Saket offers an A-list of exotic meals!

What to expect at Little Zizo in Saket

Nestled in a corner of Select CITYWALK, Little Zizo has an open kitchen where you can see all your fave Lebanese meals being cooked. The smell of the spices, falt breads and meat being cooked over medium flame can give you an erotic assimilation of hunger!

In fact, their menu puts to shame most other Lebanese joints that claim to offer authentic Lebanese meals.

Get a taste of the Middle Eastern food with –

  1. Cottage Cheese And Lamb Doner
  2. Grilled Soya Kebab And Shish Touk 
  3. Shawarma Chicken And Zatar Manakish
  4. Spicy Hummus And Chicken Mandi Rice

Basically, their menu offers everything that you’ll find on the streets of Lebanon and more!

What we love about Little Zizo in Saket

Besides the fact that Little Zizo is the closest you can get to Lebanese dishes, the prices are surprise revelation. Priced in a way to fit every wallet size, Little Zizo offers all the meals starting as cheap as INR 150.

In fact, the great thing about the food here is the prime use of fruits in the dishes! It adds a fresh element to the dish and with sucha refreshing element on the plate, the texture of the meal too gets amped up.

Pretty darn good, innit?

Bottom Line

Lebanese food for life and beyond?

Where | Select Citywalk, A-3, Saket District Centre, Saket

Price For Two | INR 500

Facebook Page |

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