Literature Enthusiasts! This Little Brand Makes The Most Adorable Literary Merchandises & You Need It!

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If bookish jewellery and literary merchandises makes your heart go, “whoosh!”, we can guarantee, The Bookish Pandora (@thebookishpandora) by Rupashri is that one brand that you have always needed but never knew existed. No worries, we are here to the rescue and so is this cute little brand!

Moon Book Page Pendant

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What To Expect?

Based in Ahmedabad, this brand is different, quirky and literary – definitely one of its kind and something all readers have possibly needed in India. All the collectibles, pendants, rings, everything is made with love and precision, each item reflects a world of art, verses and literature. From miniature bookshelves to hang on your walls to beautiful pendants and bookmarks, this brand sure knows what they are doing.

Stack of Books Hollow Pendant

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What You’ll Love?

All Handmade! Their collectibles here are beautiful, miniature book shelves are just adorable. It also makes up for a great gift for a loved one who is hopelessly in love with the beauty of books. Their pendants and bookmarks, we tell you, just catches your eye – the designs are original and will become a prized possession of yours in no time. Their Open-Able Bookshelf is definitely the best though. The shipping takes time & is definitely an investment but the quality of the items are worth every penny, every second.

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Bottom Line

Need we say more? Check Them Out Now!

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