Listen Up All The Pujo Planners, These Conditions Must Be Followed If You’re Wishing To Set Up The Pandals!

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Know It All In 30 Seconds

Recently, Delhi Government has issued guidelines regarding setting up of pandals and Ramleela in the city. Though putting up food stalls, rallies and processions are not allowed till 31st October, still, people can go and enjoy the pujo and Ramleela programs in Delhi with some restrictions.

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What To Expect

According to the govt. guidelines, every organizer of Ramleela or Pujo shall take prior permission from District Magistrate for the event and such permission shall be given only after proper inspection. Nodal officer for each event shall be appointed by the DMs of each district for assuring that rules are strictly followed in every pandal or event. Also, the organizers would be required to video record the whole event from start till the end and send the soft copy to DM and DCP to get the certificate of SOPs in order to further continue the event.

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What You’ll Love

The organizers would keep in mind that everyone is wearing a mask who is in the pandal. The pandals which are made in a closed area should be including only 50% of the crowd or not more than 200 people at a time and if the pandal is made in an open area, then Social distancing norms shall be followed. A separate entry and exit door must be there in every pandal. In short, the one coming in an event need not worry about spreading the infection as it would be the organizers’ utmost priority to look around it!


Bottom Line

Get ready to enjoy the festive seasons without worrying about Pandemic!

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