This Lifestyle Brand Is Changing Jewellery And Home Décor Conventions One Metal At A Time


Are you a crazy jewellery or home decor junkie? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got to check out this indie brand doing both!

Advaeita Mathur’s Studio Metallurgy is flipping jewellery and home decor convention “one metal at a time”. Set up in 2015, the Delhi-based brand draws inspiration from industrial designs, which is synonymous with precision and accuracy.

The designs take inspiration from day to day objects and adapt traditional techniques and crafts to create something unique and contemporary! 

The designer’s creativity can be measured by her 9 collections which each represents the aesthetics of different elements.

Metal Coral Collection
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This collection uses Aluminium to create light weighted coral shaped pieces despite their sizes. Each piece is cast individually. ensuring that no two pieces are alike, just like an actual coral!

The Concrete Capsule
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Inspired by cities, landscapes and industrial progress synonymous with construction and evolving architecture, the concrete pendants incorporate the same skill with which the walls and pillars of new buildings are erected.

The Drill Bits Collection
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These neckpieces have been inspired purely from industrial tools. The holey cheese block looking pieces are random brass slabs, that are used to check drill bit sizes before the workman actually drills through metal.
The Hardware Collection


Each piece in this collection has a unique element sourced from hardware stores like the 15-ampere fuses for the double fuse ring and fuse ladder earrings, watch dials, test tubes, and clamps.

The Mobius Twist Collection
The Mobius Twist Collection is derived from the concept of a ‘Mobius Strip’ which is essentially a surface with only one side and boundary. The skill lies in manipulating a tough metal like brass which is a lot more malleable and yet makes the twists look effortless.
The Molten Woods Project
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Each piece is a functional object and an expression of combining something ‘living’ like the wood with something that kills like the heat of the hot metal, to create a product who’s beauty lies within its imperfections making each piece unique.

The Sculptured Collection

The Sculptured Collection is one of the designer’s most personal collection. Each piece is individually crafted and molded by her. Thus making every design, a tangible reflection of the emotion that inspired its creation.

The Sharda Collection
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This collection is named after Advaeita’s grandmother. From molten glass shards to beautiful glass objects. Fusing glass and wood to make objects that reflected the amorphous nature of water and the glacial beauty of frozen ice.

Vintage Instrument Lamp Project

Each instrument is personally handpicked. Every piece always carries unique markers by virtue of its dents and marks of repair, its worn out plating making it a blend of silvery dull gold, often inscribed with the name of its owner or band it belonged to.

Check out their Instagram page for more!

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