Give Your Dessert Palate A Sinful Recharge With ‘Legally Sinful Bakery’ In Gurgaon!

Legally Sinful

Desserts, some say, are the most important part of any meal. Unlike most other bakers in town, Legally Sinful, have some big shot pros who create handcrafted cakes. The cakes not just taste great but also guarantee to put a smile on any face! Packing some really cool tricks & flicks under their aprons, Legally Sinful bakers create both customised cakes, as well as, a daily roster of beautifully designed artisan cake & bakes!

30 Second Window:

  • Legally Sinful is based in Gurgaon’s Nirvana Courtyard where the brand has a quaint, yet ever so engaging store front!
  • The bakery has an open view of the sky above through its small crevice of a window panel that also allows an open view of the entire Courtyard.
  • They have an awesome & yummy collection of cakes that include specialities like – Double Chocolate Cake, Lemony Lemon Cake & Orangey Orange Cake!
  • They even have a simple, yet finger licking good bakes like – shortcakes, tea loaves & some really tasty egg-less cakes!
  • They even have some tasty chocolate milkshakes that will blow the top off this winters in one swing of the mug!

Legally Sinful

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you give this dainty little bakery a chance! They greet all hoomans & their 4 legged friends with a warm smile & a beautifully carved out dessert bar.
  • You fix your next birthday/anniversary/valentine’s day cake with Legally Sinful. They customise cakes as per the recommendations of the customers.
  • You give your zesty tongue a ride around the culinary world in just one swing of the spoon!

So, give your senses the treat of your lives! And check out their Facebook page for more information & constant updates on their best deals, cakes, bakes & shortcakes!

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