A Frugal Approach! IGI Airport Is Taking Up Power-Saving Initiative With LED-Light Fixtures

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The check-ins, the staircases, the lounges, the departure zones and more of the IGI Airport are getting LED fixtures, which are gradually replacing the conventional lighting within the airport premises.

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The airport authorities had been in the quest for a way to enhance airport illumination while cutting down energy consumption. LEDs have viably assisted in reducing the number of lights while saving costs to a significant extent and improving the overall radiance.

35% of lights in the IGI Airport have already been replaced by LED lights. These lights are environment-friendly and do not emit harmful radiations like infrared or UV rays. Also, the maintenance costs of LED lights are far lesser than conventional high voltage lighting systems. And these light beams have properties close to natural light. No wonder, they help in the dynamic growth of indoor plants.

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Brace yourselves to busk in the innumerable LEDs ‘coz it doesn’t seem far enough for the city airport to dazzle up in full swing.

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