Laugh A Lot With Your Favorite Characters: 5 Sitcoms That Are A Must-Watch

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A good laugh is something that we all love! And if you love Sitcoms too then we have just the thing. Here’s a list of some binge-wrothy sitcoms that you need to watch, if you still haven’t! You might want to do re-runs later.

1. Schitt’s Creek

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After the Emmys sweep, this show has all the more love than before! Schitt’s creek is what you should watch when all you want it something light but something that also has a great storyline. This show will definitely leave a smile on your face after you’re done watching each episode!

IMDb| 8.4

2. The Big Bang Theory

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This show is about four socially-awkward friends and a misfit who ends up with them. You’ll love it for the superhero references and the amazing comic timing of all the actors! The Big Bang Theory is all about friendship and you need to watch it now if you still haven’t. We promise, you wouldn’t want to stop!

IMDb| 8.1

3. Friends

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Friends is our go-to and we know it’s yours too. It is unfair to not list this show among the top sitcoms because it gives us so many reasons to love it! It is all about a group of six friends, who stick together and the funny writing is just an add on. The show is what you watch to end your day on a good note!

IMDb| 8.9

4. How I Met Your Mother

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A set of friends, going through life together is something that cannot go wrong and we love it! How I Met Your Mother has a great plot and  a fun storyline. If you want something fun and interesting, then give it a go and you’ll definitely watch till the end. We hope that you do not have any spoilers, already!

IMDb| 8.3

5. The Office

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This mockumentary is not only funny but something very relatable. You will not get enough of the characters and would want to watch again and again. The Office is a must-watch for its references and for the variety of personalities that you will see! If you’ve been missing out on the show, then you gotta watch it now!

IMDb| 8.9

Bottom Line

Binge on these fun TV shows for a good time!




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