Devour This Delicious Tibetan Street Snack – Laphing, In Rohini

If we talk about Tibetan street food in Delhi, the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous momo. There is so much of it that now there are fests happening just for momos. Steamed, pan-fried, fried, tandoori, gravy, sweet, the list goes on. But there is another Tibetan street food that got left out in the fame game, but deserves it every bit! The Laphing. it is a spicy cold noodle dish that is eaten with chili oil and sauces that are unique. This dish is often available at Delhi’s own mini Tibet – Majnu-ka-Tila. But now, you can devour this awesomeness in Rohini’s Laphing Wala too!

What To Expect At Laphing Wala?

They aim to bring the lesser known snack to the streets of Delhi and outside MKT! They serve this delicacy in many forms. Dry, soupy, and other types that you will not get to taste anywhere else. This is one of a kind!

On Halloween Day.
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What You’ll Love At Laphing Wala?

One of the best things at this stall is the pink laphing that has secret ingredients! Apart from that, they have something very special for the wai-wai fanatics like chaat and laphing stuffed with wai-wai. This one’s their signature dish, so we definitely recommend this one to try. Mixed with tangy, spicy sauce and the crunchiness of wai-wai, we bet you won’t just stop at one.

Pink Laphing with Chicken
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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you’ve overdosed on momos, then you’ve got to try these little bundles of joy! They’re worth every penny you spend.

Where | DDA Market, B-block, Prashant Vihar, Sec-14 Rohini, New Delhi, DL 110085

Location | Click Here

Cost for two | INR 200

Cover Image | Click Here


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