Wanna Have Something Crunchy? Try This Unique And Scrumptious Kurkure Burger Bomb Here!

Kurkure Burger Bomb DforDelhi

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Since childhood we have all relished the taste of burgers which are 2 soft buns full of thick dips and delectable fillings. Remember how crazily we used to enjoy the happy meal which had crispy-long fries along with a scrumptious burger and a tiny-toy to play. Well, we surely got over this feeling as soon as we got mature but we still do enjoy the taste of burgers today. And what if these burgers get an amazing innovation? Yes, this food joint gets you with crispy burgers which every foodie must try soon.

Kurkure Burger Bomb DforDelhi

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What To Expect?

If you are someone who likes to experiment with your taste-buds then make sure you try this tasteful snack. You must have relished the taste of normal burgers since childhood but this outlet in Pitampura named as, D Food Adda knows how to play with creativity as it gets you with this uniquely prepared Kurkure Burger. The burger has 2 versions, one is for the vegetarian people and the other is full of flavorous chicken. Apart from its Kurkure Burger speciality the outlet also serves other tasty snacks like sandwiches, momos. And if you are too lazy to get out of your home then you can easily place an order using Swiggy.

Kurkure Burger Bomb DforDelhi

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What You’ll Love?

Do you like having crispy munchy snacks? Are you the one too who is never too done when it comes to having kurkure or chips or cornflakes? If yes then you need to try this distinct appetizer super soon. The snack is prepared in a very unique way. It is something totally apart from what you have had till now. The sauces and dips used in its preparation are the reason behind the amazing flavour. And the coating of flaky crispy bits adds the crunchy part to the burger.

Kurkure Burger Bomb DforDelhi

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Bottom Line

Have this unique and flavorous burger which has a crispy texture instead of soft.

Where | D Food Adda, Shop 1, SG Century Plaza, GU Block Market, Pitampura, New Delhi

Location | Here

Price For Two | 400

Order It | Here

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