Find Out What Makes Kitty Su Delhi’s Most Inclusive Nightclub

Kitty Su

Over the years Delhi has emerged as a party hub and the culture in the country has been gaining momentum. Delhi-NCR has plenty of nightclubs that host party goers of all types.

One such nightclub that has survived in India the longest is Kitty Su. Known for hosting ground-breaking parties and events since the past seven years, Kitty Su has broken the stereotypes of what it means to be a nightclub.

Kitty Su
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Kitty Su is famous for its high-octane electronic dance music and for its ambience, which gets the party mood going. It is one of the very few nightclubs that promotes underground and techno music in India. The highlights here include head-banging music, large dance floor, red lighting and décor that is a blend of both Indian and western cultures

Even with the venue being open only five days a week it has become very popular. It has a Champagne lounge, an ‘A-list section’ and a mini club as well.

While Kitty Su is the most popular nightclub in Delhi, there remains a side to it that is still unexplored. It is no longer just a nightclub. It has become a mission that aims to break gender barriers and bring a change in the society.

Kitty Su is India’s most inclusive nightclub. All this could only be made possible by their campaign ‘Pure Love’, that they had started in 2017.

‘Pure Love’ doesn’t only focus on the LGBTQ+ community, it stands for anyone standing on the verge of discrimination based on race, or gender stereotypes. This can be seen in the various parties that they host.

Kitty Su is known for frequently hosting inclusive nights for the LGBTQ+ community, people from the North East India, and for differently abled people.

LGBTQ Nights

Kitty Su
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Kitty Su frequently hosts LGBTQ nights. They provide a stage for the artists from the community to express their art and passion without facing any discrimination or judgement. These nights include frequent Drag Shows where International and National Drag Kings and Queens perform.

Women DJs

Kitty Su

It is the only nightclub in Delhi that encourages Women DJs. They support and encourage the growing presence of women in the electronic music scene. In support of the same, they had hosted a month-long series of events in the month of June that featured International as well as Indian Female DJs looking to make their name in the Global electronic music scene.

Events for acid attack survivors

Kitty Su

A few months back, Kitty Su hosted a fashion show in collaboration with the organisation ‘Make Love Not Scars’ where the ramp was lit up by the presence of acid attack survivors. This Power Walk Show featured nine women who had been subjected to acid assaults. The ladies rocked high-end couture to raise money for an auction.

Special Nights For Differently Abled

They also host special nights for differently abled people who in any way feel that they have been left behind by the society in any way. These special nights feature Varun Khullar who is the only Indian DJ and the Second International DJ who plays from a wheelchair. On these nights they celebrate human empowerment.

North Eastern Nights

The ‘Pure Love’ Campaign aims to end all kinds of discrimination. Be it based on one’s gender, caste or race. They frequently host special North Eastern Nights where people from the North East come together to celebrate their culture

In their attempt to break the stereotypes they had pushed away the concept of ‘couple’ and ‘stag’ entry, instead, they welcome their guests as ‘twosome’ (doesn’t have to be a male-female pairing) or ‘solo’.

This is a kind of place where you can find people from all walks of life partying to their heart’s content. Here you can find straight and queer crowd together under one roof without a hint of judgment or discrimination.

The crowd that frequents the club has learnt to embrace the queer culture and enjoys the drag performances on LGBTQ nights equally. This is the kind of change that Kitty Su aims to promote.

They also have a constantly changing cocktail menu that has something new at every event. Their ‘Pure Love’ cocktail menu offers special rainbow coloured drinks.

So, head over to Kitty Su and drown in the ‘Pure Love’ experience.

Kitty Su will be completing seven years in August this year and it aims to carry forward its message of ‘Pure Love’ and spread it across the world until a visible change has been made.

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