Kirori Mal Is Making Its Campus Disabled-Friendly With QR Codes For Visually Impaired Students

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Kirori Mal College, Delhi has come up with 82 QR coded acrylic sheets under the ‘Mapped by Digital Vision’ scheme to ensure seamless movement of 60 visually impaired students within the campus. An app has been configured for the same, which emits audio messages about location, classroom facilities, etc., whenever the smartphone is in the vicinity of an acrylic sheet.

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The college officials are looking forward to QR coding books, ID cards and more to grant 360-degree access facilities to the PwD ( people with disability) students and staff members.

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This is indeed an exceptional initiative by Prayas, the unit in Kirori Mal focusing on the needs of the impaired. It has opened a new window for all those who aren’t lucky enough to witness the versatile colours of the world.

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