No Auditions, No Samples, You Can Just Go And Perform At The ‘Khulla Manch’ Open Mic!

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Know It All In 30 Seconds

You will have no auditions and you don’t even have to submit any samples. This open mic is literally open to all, anybody can come and participate in the event for poetry and storytelling. There are tickets and you should book ’em right away for Khulla Manch.

open mic DforDelhi
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What To Expect?

It’s a golden chance for you people to go and perform the talent you have! Performers will be decided through a lucky draw. This open mic is a really great option for the ones that lack confidence can just go and depending on luck, can perform. Good at poetry and storytelling? Head to Khulla Manch and get appreciated for your work and talent.

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What You’ll Love?

There is no such partiality of selecting performers by auditions or samples but it will be done by taking out the lucky draw. Attend a great evening by attending this open mic session. Enjoy listening to people portraying their pretty thoughts in some really pretty words.  Storytelling and poetry are forms which are the most beautiful as words when coming out of someone who writes, are always magical.

open mic DforDelhi
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Bottom Line

Book your tickets and reserve your seats for the amazing session!

When | 12 PM, 8th December 2019

Where |The Social House, 31/3, Double Storey, Ground Floor, Ashok Nagar Adjacent Burger King, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

Location | Here

Tickets | Here

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