This Food Joint Is Serving Lip-Smacking KFC Chaap! Drooling?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

That juicy soya chaap infused with tandoori flavors has seen its innovation with this delicacy often called as KFC Chaap. Here, we are hunting out places to devour this scrummy chaap. And we got this takeaway corner in Rohini that’ll make you drool for your ‘Kuch non-vegetarian hojaye’ wali hunger’!

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What To Expect?

We died and tasted their latest KFC chaap which has already won many dillwala’s hearts. The crispy yet crunchy combi’ fused with the squishy texture of chaap are unmatched to make you have a foodgasm.

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What You’ll Love?

Including crunchy KFC varieties, these guys also make available authentic sesame honey chili potato including Chili mushroom which regulars swear by! So come and witness the remembrance of college wale dino ka food.

Bottom Line

Gorge onto the delectable variety by hittin’ this mini Chinese cum Dilliwala outlet in town.

Where | Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi, 110085

When | 3 PM – 2 AM

Price | ₹350 for two people

Location | Here

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