KCRoasters By Koinonia is Local, Fresh, Diverse & The Perfect Caffeine Kick You Need!

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That sweet smell of fresh, roasted coffee beans in the morning, the satisfaction of the bittersweet caffeine falling through the filter into the cup – there is something divine about fresh coffee beans, isn’t it? The caffeine lovers know what I am talking about – well, KCRoasters is a heaven for every crazy caffeinated person out there!

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What To Expect?

KCRoasters By Koinonia is a one-stop-shop for every coffee lover. If you are one, brace yourself for this shall be your new obsession! They sell a range of locally produced coffee beans; each different in flavour notes as well as origin. They even have a collection of home espresso machines, Moka pots, basically everything you possibly need to brew those delicious beans.

Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Grinder (100g)

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What You’ll Love?

Primarily, the beautiful amalgamation of flavours and caffeine. Their local range of origin coffees are incredible and so are the international ones – if confused, simply get their sampler pack! It makes for the perfect gift as well and oh, they have their own fresh coffee protein bar (WHAT?), even Cold Brews for all you ice babies!

COLDBREW® - PACK OF 4 by KCRoasters

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Bottom Line

Could KCRoasters be any cooler? Check out their website here to know!

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