Netflix & Chill? Here’s The Most EPIC Snack To Go With Your Fave TV Shows

Kari Kari

Let’s be honest, a 100% of us Netflix & Chill EVERY DAY! So, in the name of chilling and snacking, we found you a crazy alternative to what we usually binge on!

Kari Kari comes in 4 absolutely sensational flavours that pair beautifully with the most watched TV shows on Netflix. You can read more on this here. While we tell y’all what to watch with which Kari Kari flavour!

1. Riverdale

So, the thing we love most about Riverdale is how its mystery creeps up on you from behind! Slowly and in an EPIC way; the mysterious death may be sad but don’t you think the plot is mind-boggling interesting?

Well, pairing perfectly with the plot of the show is Spice Mania. Now, at first you might think whaaaa? But Spice Mania packs a mysterious punch – a tangy flavour that bursts into you, flooring you faster than you can say, WOAHHHHH! In fact, trust us, the next time a gun goes off or the alarm rings [in the show] while you go *crunch*, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

2. Rick & Morty

This show will never grow old! It literally tickles your funny bone and will never stop. Until either, you burst open or the next few bags of Kari Kari get OVER!

Wasabi flavour of Kari Kari is like a concert of flavours in your mouth, much like the humour of Rick & Morty! However, usually, people would think Wasabi is quite hot! But did you know Kari Kari mixes it with cheese, garlic and onion? So, even as you get a hint of various flavours, you realise that it’s much like the humour, emotional and angry mix of Rick & Morty! It gets you HOOKED, in a jiffy!

3. The Crown

The Crown chronicles the topsy-turvy life of Queen Elizabeth II, how she came to power and the pitfalls involved. In fact, it shows certain parts of her life that became the defining moments of the 20th century! It made us mad, fired up our interest & even peaked our interest in the bold life of the queen.

Much like the zesty and bold flavours of Chilli Garlic! Now, Chilli Garlic is the perfect pairing with The Crown because it has this bold, atomic chilli flavour that fires up your imagination with the flick of a finger. Yet, its zesty hint, much like the light moments of the show, makes the entire experience worth remembering!

4. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is probably one of the REALLY funny TV shows that only appeals to a few people. Its humour is smart, catchy and borders on childhood memories! In fact, what better comparison to this than everyone’s childhood favourite flavour – Salt & Pepper?!

Well, Kari Kari brings that EPIC combo in a bag full of salty eats and peppery treats! Big Mouth, much like Kari Kari’s Salt & Pepper, is a peppy combo of classics. Reason being, Big Mouth is reminiscent of our own childhood; the struggles we faced and the awkwardly funny moments we got embroiled in! Basically, the flavour bag is just too good to pass over!

And if you think, even for the slightest second, that we’re right; go buy your bags of fave flavours to pair Netflix! And let us know which one YOU loved the MOST!

You can buy Kari Kari at 24×7, Food Hall and even Modern Bazaar! And don’t forget to check out their Facebook Page for updates!

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