This Homegrown Craft Leather Brand Gives Serious Wardrobe Goals

How many times have you wanted to shop for good leather bags, but always find yourself going to the lower end of the spectrum? Found the budget restrictions pulling you down? Well, not anymore. This homegrown craft leather brand is everything your dream wardrobe needs to have!

What To Expect?

Kareos is a venture of two college friends. Their stuff is trendy, and the designs are simple, yet fresh. All their leather is first carefully selected, and then skilled kaarigars work their magic to give you the finished products which make for an envy-inducing accessory on a casual day out. The collection is mesmerising and we can’t get over how aesthetically pleasing they look. 

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What You’ll Love About It?

Apart from making you more stylish, these bags are incredibly affordable. These suave leather bags are something you would love to flaunt, because they are quality goods, in budget rates. How can one deny that! So get shopping and get stylish!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you need to get on their Instagram, slide into their DMs and get yourself one of their handcrafted leather beauties.

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