This Kamla Nagar Restro Gets A New Address As It Becomes Bigger And Better!

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If you’ve been a regular at K-Nags, you’d relate to the love for Momos Point. This place has been a crowd favourite for North Campus kids for years now! Their signature oh-so-spicy waali chutney with their perfectly steamed momos are undoubtedly a divine match. But the good news is that now you’ll not have to wait to get a seat in their little, crammed up restaurant space because they’ve moved to a new address with revamped, interiors and diversified menu!

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What To Expect?

The new space is much bigger and fancier! The interiors are equal parts quirky and classy with a play on more earthy tones, life sized paintings and mellow lighting!

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What You’ll Love?

The best part is that the soul of our good ol’ Momos Point is still intact! The food is still as budget-friendly and mouth-watering as it was. You’ll love the decor and wouldn’t be able to resist clicking a selfie with your gang in this pretty place!

Bottom Line

Excited, already? Then rush to the all-new and improved Momos Point to have a bite of heaven!

Where | 27 UB, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar

Location | Here

Price For Two | ₹500

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