Yo Shopaholics! You Need To Check Out These Super Cute Japanese Stores In Delhi Now!

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Wanting to buy all those Japanese products you’ve seen going viral on the internet? Well, you’ve landed up at the right place. We’ve found these Japanese stores in Delhi where you can buy all your daily paraphernalia!

  1. Miniso

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Miniso has got all those cute and creative homeware, stationery, beauty and makeup products and accessories all under one roof! Their products are so quirky and adorable that we’re already in aweeee!

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2. Koja

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Sleek water bottles, cutesy mugs, pens with bobbleheads, miniature hair dryers, cosmetics, this place has everything you’ve been looking for! And how can we forget to mention that this cute lil store is affordable AF! So all ya broke peeps can go and shop guilt-free anytime!

Location | Here

3. Muji

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Muji is all about minimalism. They’ve got some amazing collection of clothes for toddlers, funky stationery and super duper cute kitchenwares. What we love the most about this place is their small bath section, cleansing oil, eyelash curlers, towels, toothbrush and what not. You name it, they have it.

Location | Here

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