‘Japadogs’ Over Hot Dogs At This Japanese Eatery In Delhi

Where | Simply Sushi, Select CITYWALK

We love fusion food and having best of both worlds. So, imagine a place that serves the goodness of a classic American hot dog with Japanese flavours!

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Simply Sushi is a new Japanese Eatery that has just popped up in Select CITYWALK and they serve ‘Japadogs’ which are basically a Japanese version of the classic American hot dog. What else? They have them in flavours like teriyaki, kimchi, and chilli beans!

Despite what its name might suggest, Simply Sushi is far from being about ‘simply sushi’. They have an elaborate menu that includes amazing sundried snacks. There is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi available.

But what intrigues us more are the ‘Japdogs’ which are sure to become our favourite food very soon.

Can’t wait to get our hands on them and treat our taste buds to the best of both America and Japan!

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