Indulge Yourself Into Delish Food And Holy Vibes By Hopping Over To This Janmashtami Fest In Iskcon, Delhi!

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Have you ever thought that if there wouldn’t be festivals, then life would have been so dull? Who doesn’t love festivals especially when it comes to celebrating Lord Krishna’s birth with authentic Braj food and drinks! Well, gear up for hopping over to this Janmashtami Braj Food Festival in Iskon, Delhi.

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What To Expect?

To cherish Lord Krishna’s day, you can swing-in to Govindas’ Restaurant for the love of authentic delicacies including those made-up of milk products! With scrummy drinks including Thandai, Jaljeera, Lassi, and Chaach, this fest will soak you into the festive vibes.

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What You’ll Love?

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this festival is organized each year to introduce each one us with actual holy food. The feast starts with delicious snacks including paneer Pakodas, Methi Pakodas and, followed with the main course including desserts. You’ve gotta polish off their signature dishes like Makhan ka Samosa, Makhan ka Tarbuz, Gokul Paneer and many more. 

Bottom Line

Indulge yourself in the festivities of joy with your family!

Where | Govinda’s Restaurant – ISKCON, East Of Kailash,

When | 15th to 17th Aug’19

Location | Here

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