It’s Momo Time!! These 5 Places Serve The Most Yummylicious Tandoori Momos In Town

best tandoori momos in delhi

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Sometimes just steamed and sometimes, covered up in spice and smoked on the tandoor, these dumplings have many forms. And if you guys are really fond of their tandoori avatar, then check this list down below to have the best tandoori experience in the city.

1. Hunger Strike

best tandoori momos, hunger strike

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Chicken Tandoori momos are the best sellers from them and the perfect blend of spice just blast in your mouth when you have its first bite.

Where | Amar Colony Market

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


2. Chalte Firte Momos Wala

best tandoori momos in delhi

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A heaven for all the momo lovers in Kamla Nagar as this place serves a full lot of around 100 kinds of momos in which their afghani, tandoori, and gravy momos are must-have.

Where | Kamla Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


3. Chef’s Special

best tandoori momos in delhi, tandoori momos

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A small shop in Ramesh Nagar which provides the most flavoured fill tandoori and afghani momos. Peshawari momo is the must-have from them.

Where | Ramesh Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 350 (approx.)


4. QDs

tandoori chicken momos in delhi

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Another place that serves the perfect plate of tandoori momos with their chilly and mint chutney to make a perfect combo.

Where | Satyaniketan

Price For Two | Rs. 300 (approx.)


5. Queen’s Kitchen

tandoori momos in delhi

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Apart from their famous vodka momos, this place also home delivers your favourite momo in late nights, surprise night owls!!

Where | Lajpat Nagar

Price For Two | Rs. 350 (approx.)


Bottom Line

Have a Tandoorilicious journey of a perfect combination of smoked spices!


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