In The Age Of Internet, This Library In Delhi Is Dedicated Exclusively To Newspapers

Imagine, a world where people are not looking into their mobile phones, or are continuously not posting on the internet. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. In the heart of Daryaganj is a Newspaper library where people actually go to read newspapers even today!

There are no shelves, no books, and no membership, just tonnes and tonnes of newspapers dated from years ago to the latest ones!

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The Haridayal Library Branch no.1 located next to the Daryaganj post office is stocked with a minimum of 17 different newspapers, in English, Hindi, and Urdu.

The library is hugely popular and is at all times frequented by neighbourhood readers and passersby.  There are 20 such libraries across the city which is funded by the taxpayers

With benches and ceiling fans, the outlet at Daryaganj is at all times crowded with curious readers. While most of them are elderly people, a select group of inquisitive youths do like to spend their time at the newspaper library.

And the best part is that while the place is fully packed with people of all age groups there won’t be a single cell phone in sight, proving that newspapers, after all, are not yet junk heap of history!

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