This International Rum Day, This Place Is Giving Away Complimentary Rum Chocolates And 1+1 Offer On Drinks!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Is rum your poison? Listen up boozy heads, it’s International Rum Day today and this place will give you complimentary rum chocolates and crazy offers on drinks that you just can’t miss.

What To Expect?

You can’t-miss their boozilicious 1+1 on offer on 30ml rum pegs! Add some sweetness to the sourness of rum, they’re giving away complimentary rum-based chocolates to all their guests. Sweet, isn’t it?

Bottom Line

Don’t waste time and head out to celebrate this day with your best friend who has been with you in hard and good times.

When | 16th August

Where | Cafe Bokan, East of Kailash

Price for Two | ₹1,500

Location | Here

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