International Chain ‘WAFL’ Has Opened Its Doors To Delhi!

International waffle chain ‘WAFL’ has opened its doors to Delhi and we just cannot wait to check them out!

WAFL has got three outlets across the city, which are in Greater Kailash 1, Punjabi Bagh, and the newest one just popped up in SDA Market!

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Waflles have become our favourite dessert in no time and if you are a waffle maniac like us, this is just the place you need to check out today because they are hands down the best goddamn waffles EVER!

This is an everything waffle place! They serve both, sweet as well as savoury waffles and both are equally delectable!

With over 50 outlets across the globe, they have waffles in every shape, size, colour, and flavour! They also serve scrumptious corndogs, which is a combination of hot dogs, and waffles! We can already feel our mouths watering.

Their Hong Kong waffle is a must try if you are looking for something loaded with whipped cream. It is a real masterpiece amongst desserts. Hot waffles served with whipped cream, fruits, ice cream, and chocolates is devoured by adults and kids alike!

This waffle heaven has a lot of toppings to choose from, and trust us with every new flavour you try, you will never leave disappointed!

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