For INR 20,000 You Can Now Start Your Own Mini Bar At Home In Gurgaon

According to the Haryana Excise Policy, you can now start your own mini bar at home by obtaining a license worth INR 20,000. In fact, according to the policy, it’ll be a lifetime license & will not require renewal. However, anyone hosting a party at the specified mini bar will have to take prior permission for the gathering.

Moreover, the license will allow the holder to keep the following number of bottles:

  • 12 bottles of Indian Foreign Liquor (750 ml)
  • 24 bottles of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (750 ml)
  • 12 bottles of rum (750 ml)
  • 24 bottles of beer (650 ml)
  • 24 bottles of wine(750 ml)
  • 12 bottles of vodka/ginn/cyder(750 ml)

Isn’t this absolutely crazy? In fact, the excise department has also said that it’ll host certain programs to sensitise people about this plan!

Additionally, the license will only be valid for users in Haryana. And, in case of any change of address, the relevant department will have to be informed at no additional cost.

You can read more about this here.

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