Informal’s Giving Free Beers This Holi @Maddest Party You Party Animals Ever Attended!

Where | Informal Pub & Bar, 52, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath

Price For Two | INR 1,200

For Bookings | Click Here

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So, you must have heard us gush about Informal a lot these days! Well, this Holi – the only time in the year when drinking is pseudo-legal – Informal is giving FREE BEER! Can you believe that? 😉

So, what’s the story behind the free beer? Informal is giving every single guest FREE BEER with every delicious pizza they order! Basically, it’s the kind of deal that lets you blow some steam off in style & without guilt!

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Moreover, since Informal is not just known for the food they deliver to every smiling & drooling face, cheggit! Their party plans, as usual, sound pretty funky! But this Holi, they will be bringing down the roof with music so loud, you’ll never want to leave.


You know what we’re getting at, right? Informal, no matter where you go, is the BEST PLACE you can party at this Holi! The drinks are gonna be chill af, the party too loud & the only thing left – YOU!

So, this Holi, don’t just wait for your gang to make a plan! Head down to Informal and party like there’s no tomorrow!

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