India’s Largest Liquor Store – GTown Wines Brings You A Chance To Win A Brand New Mahindra Thar

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It’s only important to add a little fun to the end of this year, with partying and well, booze! For Christmas and New Year plans, you should definitely stock up on booze. And what better than the largest liquor store in India, the GTown Wines? A jollo is all we need and good booze is definitely the cherry on top!

What To Expect?

Christmas is merry and New year gets happy with a rocking party that has good booze. GTown Wines has the best of Whiskey, Rum & Wine to choose from! And all of this at bargain prices. So get to hoarding on great booze and light up like a Christmas tree. Oh, the good part is that they take care of all the safety measures.

What You’ll Love?

GTown Wines is the largest retail luxury liquor store and it explains everything! Doesn’t it? But here’s more for you, you stand a chance to win a Mahindra Thar once you shop for INR 20,000 or more. So it is indeed going to be full of frolic & jazz! Do not wait to get your liquor and sort the party plans.

Bottom Line

Fun, frolic, food & lots of good booze is all you need for a happy new year!

Where| G-Town Wines has stores in Sector 40, Sector 53-54, Sector 43, Sector 31, Huda Market Sector 46, and Greenwood Plaza Sector 45

Toll-free | 18001217699

Check Out| Here

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