India’s Largest Gaming Championship – Dew Arena 2.0 Was A Beast Of A Finale!

Where | Andaz Delhi, Asset number 1, Aerocity

It’s not often that you get to see something incredible! In fact, this weekend saw something marvellous! Gunslinging CS GO Playersengine revving bikers and decked up from head to toe Cosplay acts – Dew Area 2.0India’s largest gaming championship was an absolute blast! And you wouldn’t believe what a show these guys put on.

Mountain Dew started the Dew Arena to give gamers a platform to showcase their talent. And not just that, their initiative has taken gaming to the masses in a phenomenal way! Mountain Dew’s flagship disruptive trucks brought the entire experience of gaming to the road. It went to 300 locations in India and people are beyond happy and ecstatic! And we’re hoping that they will continue this next year too!

Ps. at the end we’ll reveal something really cool, yep, the results! And if that’s not what you’ve been waiting to hear, then have you been living? Not!

The event was high on energy with people eagerly waiting for gamers to arrive! In fact, with the entire stage area turned green, the room did full justice to its name.

And if you weren’t there, a priceless surprise came visiting the Dew Arena and was a running hit with the people! Behold the disruptive truck, a one of kind gaming truck that allows people to experience the thrill of gaming sitting inside a truck!

That was the beast inside the Dew Arena. And that’s people checking out its cool features! Still wondering why you didn’t register for the event? But we haven’t even told you the winners of Mountain Dew’s Dew Arena 2.0. And the crowned champions of DOTA 2, CS GOStreet Fighter 5 and Rocket League!

Shall we cut to the chase and tell you the results? Obviously, we almost cried in joy, will you? One last update and on to we go to the results! The tension was high and gamers were patiently waiting for the Finale to start!

And to the final update. The crowning jewel of this Dew Arena 2.0, the RESULTS!

Counter Strike GO – Entity Esports

DOTA 2 – Aggressive 5

Street Fighter 5 – B3 Bhagwant

Rocket League – Rahul Poundarik

Fans? Aren’t you going bonkers!! By the way, if at all you missed out the action you can still watch the highlights on Mountain Dew‘s Facebook and YouTube channels!

Now, go party!

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