In A Search For Good Laptop and Gaming tech? Head Over To These 5 Markets For Your Tech Shopping!

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Are you planning to buy a new desktop or laptop, maybe for your everyday work, or some hi-tech video editing or high-end gaming, or just want to upgrade your system, then you can have it all at a wholesale price from these 5 markets in Delhi NCR.


1. Gaffar Market

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Structured in 1952, this place is famous mainly for smartphones to buy and to also to get them repair. You can explore the whole market if you want a high-end device but don’t want to spend a fortune on it and can adjust with second-hand ones cause you can have great options to check on. People also often visit this place to get there smartphones customized.


2. Nehru Place

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No matter what your budget is if you want to assemble your own desktop or want to buy a new laptop at the lowest prices, the Nehru place computer market is the place for you. From genuine to pirated software and even second laptops, you get it all here.


3. Janakpuri District Centre

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This place is a love affair for all the techies of West Delhi. From Computer and Mobile repairs to getting a new workstation or a new smartphone, you can all have it here. The big complex also houses various other shops and is a fine place to spend an evening with your friends too while you’ve given your laptop for repair.


4. Palika Bazar

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The underground market in central Delhi, basically just below the central park in Connaught place is heaven for those shopaholics who love to buy wardrobe at affordable prices. But here are few shops that do sell gaming consoles and everything related to gaming stations at lower than the original market prices.


5. Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk

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Another big electronic market is hidden in between Old Delhi streets. you can find small electronic components and circuits of your old stereo sets or that TV of yours. And if you’re a gaming enthusiast who still wants to feel nostalgia by gaming on those coin machines, then you can find it here!


Bottom Line

Next time finding a component for your machine that too at a wholesale rate won’t be a problem!


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