4 Design Facts About The IGIA That Hide In Plain Sight


So, have you ever questioned the why and how behind the design aesthetics of the IGIA? Well, to be honest, neither have we until we read more on the designing of IGIA and we were left aghast! Normally, none of us would question them ’cause it looks beautiful. But there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

1. You only walk to the left and look around to the right

Have you ever noticed how the passageways at the IGIA (and most other airports as well) usually curve to the left? So, this is something which has a lot to do with the human psychology. Humans, generally, prefer walking on the left. Which means, we always tend to look for stores on the right-hand side. In fact, the curve ensures that you always see one space at a time, and not a long line of stores.

2. Can you spot me?

Basically, what we’re trynna say here is that IGIA is a huge affair. And even as you enter the airport, you’ll find a considerable amount of space between the gates and the counters where you check-in! Now, there’s a logic behind this as well. There are literally thousands of cameras at the IGIA, along with the multitude of security guards. And the reason behind the humongous open spaces is that nobody can ever hide from the ‘upar wala’ – the cameras!

3. Got a thing for the floors?

In addition to the two facts we mentioned above, this one will probably shock you the most! Almost all airports and IGIA have heterogeneous flooring! Which means, different sections of the airport have different flooring to calm the busy and anxious traveller. Lounges of are usually carpeted to soothe the mind of the traveller and evoke a sense of relaxation.

4. Just the right amount of sunlight

Doesn’t the IGIA look like a huge glass-panelled building? So, the reason for having so many glass panels at the airport is to maximise the use of natural light.

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