How To Recognise Delhiites? 10 Words Every Delhiite Has Used At Least Once

Delhiites have a different lingo, there’s no doubting that! In fact, most of us swear in Hindi & it conveys the right amount of viciousness along with immense personal satisfaction. So, if at all you wish to know whether a guy/gal is from Delhiite, just make sure you notice if they use these words! And you have your answer.

I. Bhasad – Chaos, Fight, Mess

If Dilli people get into a quarrel, this word is often used by them. Talking to autowalas about the fare price like “kya bhasad hai bhai!” Talking to a friend when he/she has done something wrong like “zindagi mein kya bhasad hai?”

II. Gedi Maarna – Time Pass

This is probably the most used word by kids in Delhi. Regardless of where the Delhiite is, Gedi Maarna is like saying “S**** classes, gedi maarna chalte hain park mei.” Of course, most of the times going to a lonely park basically means things are gonna be really festive and all!

III. Abbe BC – Nah-Uh, We All Know The Full Form

So, this is a staple ‘gaali’ in Delhi and everyone in the city has said the word at least 10 times in a day! Whether it’s to call a ‘bro’ or to simply abuse someone, BC is like the staple diet of every Delhiite and so, the most easily recognisable trait.

IV. Jugaad – An Innovative (NOT!) Solution To Everything

Bhaiyon or Behno – no Delhiite has ever not used this word. Because we all claim to have that one jugaad – which, by the way, sometimes doesn’t even work out. 😛 “Tension mat le, mera jugaad hai na!”

V. Totta – Let’s Not Even Get There, For The Sake Of Not Offending Anyone

Now, while this is probably a bad, bad thing to do. But you know what? We’ve heard some girls in Delhi call guys totta, so guess what? It’s a level playing field for now! So, as if calling a guy or girl hot wasn’t enough, now Delhiites describe them as “kya totta thi/tha yaar vo!”

VI. Chul – The Most Boring Way To Express Aggravated Feelings

“Bhai kya chul hai tujhe? Aaram se baeth ja na ek jagah!” Chul is basically the word Delhiites use when they need to express aggravated feelings and they can’t! So, chul became the word to express that feeling.

VII. Tope – Someone In The Higher Echelon In Their Field

“Bhai yeh banda toh tope hai, aisa kya kra hai isne?” Basically, if you want your work to be done, just call your Tope/Topchi friend and get it done.

VIII. Chep – Too Close For Comfort!

“Chep kyu ho raha hai?” Sticky people in metro, even if they do not wish to stick to you, they still will and you’ll say, chep na ho yaar!

IX. Mah Lyf, Mah Rulz – Because They Couldn’t Be Bothered To Study English Properly

This is probably the funniest of them all and the hilarity just begins there. So, this probably more popular among kids in school with a penchant for showing off their English skills (NOT!).

X. Mere Baap Ko Jaanta Hai?

Must we even explain? 😛


What do you think? Did we do justice to all the words we Delhites use in every sentence?

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