Winter Nights Are About To Get Warmer With Hot Toddy & Friends

The hot toddy is an age-old drink that needs no introduction. But if you’ve been busy with all the beer and bourbons, then it’s high time you meet the classic! The hot toddy is a whiskey-based drink that is served hot.  Brewed with lemon and served with a dash of honey, this is been our best friend hiding in the background. Well, not anymore. Lock n Key is serving this golden drink and we bet you won’t stop at one!

What To Expect At Lock N Key?

Simplicity is often overlooked because we are always present with things that are extravagant. But we often forget the joy of enjoying something that is simple yet elegant! Starting from Jan 11th, which is the perfect day because it is ‘Hot Toddy Day’, Lock N Key will be serving this drink and it will officially be our favorite things to gulp down.

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What You’ll Love About Lock N Key?

Hot Toddy! ‘Nuff said. Walk into Lock N Key and taste the best winter drink there is. Moreover, they’re serving the drink is pairs! So make sure you bring someone along. Yes, 1+1 on winter wonderland.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you need to put down your fourth cup of chai and head to Lock N Key for a real fix to these freezing winter nights.

When | From 11th Jan 2019 to 31st Jan

Where | Lock N Key

Location | Click Here 

Cost For Two | 1800

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