Become A Part Of The Most Famous Holi Celebrations At These 5 Places Around Delhi

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If you’re planning to celebrate Holi in the most grandeur way, here is a list of 5 places close to Delhi which celebrate the festival of colors in most extravagant way.

1. Udaipur

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The festival is celebrated in the most imperial and grand manner here. The royal family takes active participation in all functions and rituals. From Holika Dahan, fireworks to spraying colors, holi celebration in Udaipur is nothing than an enchanting and exuberant experience.

Travel time via Train | 1 hr approx

Travel time via Air | 12 hrs approx

2. Pushkar

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It is a common sight to see locals, foreigners, tourists spend their day dancing, eating delicacies and clicking photographs. The main town square is a sight to see, with the whole town painted in color, dancing away on upbeat tracks and electronic music.

Travel time via Train | 7 hrs approx

Travel time via Car | 8 hrs approx

3. Kullu

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People in Kullu celebrate Holi for 40-days starting from Vasant Panchami. The festivity start with the Lord Raghunath’s chariot procession in Kullu. This is a 400-year-old tradition.

Travel time via Train | 9 hr approx

Travel time via Air | 1.2 hrs approx

4. Jaipur

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The houses during Holi are decorated with different rangolis and traditional cuisine such as Gunjiya, Papdi, sweet Shakarpara and etc are prepared in households.

Travel time via Train | 4 hrs approx

Travel time via Air | 1 hr approx

5. Barsana

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Travel time via Train | 2 hrs approx

Travel time via Car | 2 hrs approx

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