Have You Heard Of Hindu Earth Summit’17? It’s Coming To North Campus Soon!

Hindu Earth Summit

The Hindu College in North Campus is one of the most prestigious colleges in town. Well, the college is hosting – Hindu Earth Summit – a program that promises to kill two birds with one arrow. The Summit is intended to inspire two things – 1) to make people more aware of the environmental issues we face today & how to curb them. 2) To enjoy a day out with some really cool (quizzing) questions that will turn your tongue inside them mouths, trying to figure out what the answer is.

30 Second Window:

  • Panchtatva, the environment society of Hindu College is hosting the ECOMASTER – the Quiz Competition happening under the much bigger event – Hindu Earth Summit!
  • The theme of the entire program will be general + environmental questions & discussions. So, don’t just sit there, raise your voice & let everyone hear your ideas!
  • There are a few rule that all participating teams will have to keep in mind – teams can be no bigger than 2 people, cross college teams will be allowed & participants will have to carry valid I-cards.

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you brush up your general knowledge & environment class notes, ’cause it’s going to be amazing!
  • And remember, the preliminary round will be followed by a final round, of which 6 teams will be selected!

So, check out the event page on Facebook for more information!

When: 31th January

Where: Room number 38, Hindu College

Timings: 01:45 pm onward

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