Here’s Your Go-to Hill Station Spots For The Year If You’re A Traveler At Heart

Know It All In 30 Seconds

The year is new and it’s only a good idea to find some great new things to do and explore! We say, get to places to find a good time and something that’ll make you happy. So you need to get rushing to these amazing spots now. Here’s a list to help you!

1. McLeodganj

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A camp under the clear starry sky doesn’t hurt, right? It will only make it a perfect spot to be at, for a solo or a group trip! If you’re someone who likes to trek and enjoy the serenity, then this is it!

2. Jibhi & Jalori

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For all the snow lovers, who want to spend a good time in the white of the snow and a filmy spot, then this is where you need to get to! You can find some filmy pictures for the gram and cold yet, amazing time!

3. Rishikesh

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This is where you need to visit if you’re someone who likes water sports and enjoys activities on a trip! Try water rafting and river climbing, with so much more. Also, find a holy time at this beautiful destination!

4. Bhimtal

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Now, this is where, culture, beauty, and hills all get together. If you visit here, then you should definitely visit the Bhimtal lake, spend some interesting time at the Folk Culture Museum, to take in all good things and explore more!

5. Manali

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All the YJHD fans must already have this spot on their bucket list, because why not? While camping and hogging on Maggi, you can also visit some amazing spots like Jogini Waterfall and the Hidimba Devi Temple!

Bottom Line

Nothing like a hill station in the winter months!

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