Here’s Why We Were Raving About Kasauli Rhythm And Blues Festival’18

Where | Kasauli

One of the things that we love about Kasauli is the adjacent hills covering a wide expanse of the land. So, this quaint little spot attracted tourists from around the world and what’s great is that now, they also come here for the Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival.

Taking place in the foothills of Kasauli, there’s no event like this you’ll experience elsewhere!

So, artists like Rabbi Shergill had performed at this year’s Fest, only to set the stage on fire!

The magical atmosphere of the festival along with the beautiful virgin sky of the Himalayas literally melted our minds. And when the artists started singing – we knew we had stepped onto something unique – a bucket list experience.

Well, here’s a short photo/video story for you, so you know what to expect next year!

Isn’t that just absolutely magical? The charming backdrop of the mountains, the beautiful instruments & the engaging crowd kept everything lively. So, next year, when the festival is back, don’t forget to buy your tickets!

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