Here’s A Treat For All The Cheesecake Lovers In Town To Relish & Drool At The Same Time

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It’s important to keep our sweet tooth happy too, every once in a while. And for all the cheesecake diggers out there, we have something for you to feast on! Here’s the best of cheesecakes and cheesecake places in town that you need to visit now if you still haven’t!

1. Smoke House Deli

If you’re a health freak who also has a thing for desserts, then Smoke House Deli has just the thing that you’d love. A cheesecake that tastes amazing and is healthy at the same time!

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2. Jom Jom Malay

This place has already brought Malaysia to Delhi and we love it for that! Adding on they have a relishing coconut cheesecake for us and it is no doubt perfect.

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3. Elma’s Cafe

The classic New York Style cheesecake is to die for. And well, we have the place that’s best known for it! Visit the Elma’s Cafe for an experience that you’ll love to indluge in.

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4. The Big Chill

Don’t we love this place already? Well, there’s a cherry on top, another reason to love it! The blueberry cheesecake that they have is a must try and you’d love that too.

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5. Cafe Lota

This place is lovely and the cheesecake that they have is what Nostalgia feels like or uh, tastes like. Try their Bhapa Doi cheesecake and you’ll understand for yourself!

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6. The Lodhi Bakery

This amazing bakery is what grandeur looks like. And we have something that we picked and you’ll love it! The lemon cheesecake is worth trying to fall in love with.

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7. AMA Cafe

Our favourite breakfast place in town has everything to love! But the desserts are to die for, which also has the drool-worthy cheesecakes including the blueberry one. SO, go try it now!

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Bottom Line

There’s nothing better than a good cheesecake and we know you agree!

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