Here’s A Short Collection Of Sex Worker Stories From GB Road Nobody Talks About

Located near the heart of Delhi lies GB Road (Garstin Bastion Road) or locally known as the red light district of Delhi. The long road connects both the New & Old Delhi Railway Stations. In fact, you’ll find several buildings – on the verge of collapsing – on the road, until you notice something different. Women, both young and old, peeping through holes in the windows.

So, even in these buildings, room numbers 55 and 65 are the most notorious of them all. And this is where the stories begin.

I. Kalyani, 45 YO

Kalyani came to Delhi from Nepal after someone told her that she could make more money here. She came here when she was 15 and says that every day is a nightmare. In fact, she even says that if she wanted she could leave at any moment. However, she claims that there is nothing to go back to.

II. Shuni, 18 YO

Shuni came to Delhi after her father sold her to a broker when she was 2. She also said that she gets 5 – 15 ‘customers’ a day. Moreover, she also claims that she wants to go back home, however, she cannot because of people in her village who might kill her. In fact, she claims that she knew many people in her village who became disabled after being assaulted.

III. Darsha, 28 YO

Darsha says that she doesn’t remember when her father sold her off to a broker. Or even why he did so, however, she does say that those who are stuck here, have nowhere else to go to. In fact, she claims that most of the women working at GB Road were either sold off by their parents or deceived by brokers.

Kalyani, Shuni & Darsha are only three of the hundreds of women stuck in GB Road. They have nowhere to go to. And while Delhiites have been cracking jokes about GB Road for ages now, it really isn’t funny at all.

So, join hands, stand up against this unfair system and rise!

Cover Image Courtesy | DNA India

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