Here’s A Heartfelt Testimony Of A British Family From The Time They Moved To Delhi

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As someone who’s never been to India before or even Delhi for that matter – the assumptions are glaringly BAD! In fact, most ‘goras’ would consider our city ‘dirty’, ‘unsafe’ & “won’t your daughters get raped?” Well, debunking the myths of our city was a family of Britishers that moved to Delhi a few years back.

Bee Rowlat and her family moved to Delhi when BBC offered her husband a new job in the country. And needless to say, the questions asked about Delhi – and answers to their own doubts – were embarrassing. Until they forged a relationship with the city that accepted their ‘accent’, to say the least.

Accepting early on in her testimony that she too had doubts about Delhi, she later confessed that Delhi is an engaging city with tons to teach. In fact, she even mentioned that women here are by far the most stylish and graceful people on Earth.

However, her testimony did include few shocking revelations [maybe not to us]. Now, just to clear things, when we said “maybe not to us”, we really mean it’s something we’re used to and so, not something new.

Bee Rowlat encountered the shocking truth about Indian hospitals and the general inequality & perversion of basic rights that we see there. She took a pregnant woman from the Government hospital to a private one and yet, what she saw shocked her. One of the attendants at the hospital asked Bee to stay back with the lady because without her presence, the doctors wouldn’t listen to her.

Yet, she claims that every city or country has its own problems. But how you deal with it and make things better is what shines in the end.

So, as she discovers more about our city, let’s make Delhi a better city.

You can read more about her story here.

Images’ Courtesy | Bee Rowlat

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